Exciting summer fun 



Excited about summer ? then let’s make it fun for your little blooms

Are you here in the United Arab Emirates, precisely in Dubai, and wondering how to make this summer period more fun and memorable for your children? Below are some exciting     family-friendly places you can visit with the children, if you are also planning on visiting someday, join me below as I will be sharing with you lots of interesting places to visit and things you can do, as Dubai has lots of exciting summer fun things you can do with your family and am sure you will like the experience

   Thrilling summer fun

Explore palm jumeirah

Not only is the architecture of palm Jumeirah amazing in itself, there are also a lot of super fun things you can do with your such as;

Stand up paddleboarding

Enjoy paddle boarding on the azure waters by palm with little or no experience, the best time to do this is in the early morning or sunset time when the weather is a lot cooler and the water is calmer, if you plan on going for this it is required for you to book 2hrs before the boarding and it often with free access to the private beach which is even great.



Palm Jumeirah boardwalk

Take a walk with your children have them on their scooters or bikes, so they can blow off some steam, burn off some energies and together enjoy the amazingly beautiful view of the Arabian Gulf and Dubai skyline at 11km-long, its best in the early hour of the day or during sunset when the temperature is cooler.




Fun at warehouse

it’s a perfect place to enjoy perfect combinations of music, bowling, gaming, it’s a perfect place to challenge your children in games of bowling or games of arcades, there is also a wave restaurant where you and the children can enjoy healthy food all through the day, the wave beach bar gives all family member their taste through their clever constructive spaces in the arena thus meeting individual needs whether children, teens or adult, it also has an entertainment venue that entertains both young and old.

There are various choices of rides and attractions such as XD dark ride, bumper cars, family swing, trampolines, climbing walls, and lots more, prices are paid per ride and they usually have offers Sunday to Tuesday where you get to enjoy unlimited rides.



The view at palm tower

Visit the new public observation deck tower 240m above Palm Jumeirah, it’s on the 52nd floor of the palm tower, it’s the only place in Dubai where you can enjoy the amazing view of the Palm Jumeirah, Arabian Gulf, and the Dubai skyline all at once. Your thrilling journey on sightseeing at the top of palm Jumeirah begins at the roof plaza of Nakheel mall where you will see an interactive and educative training museum and gallery solely dedicated to the making of the Palm Jumeirah.

Stepping into the elevator you will then be captivated with the complete floor-to-ceiling digital sea, sand, and sky experience which will take you and the little blooms to the top of the palm tower which takes about 3min.

Trust me once you are at the top, you and the children will marvel at the beautiful sceneries of the island beneath, you will find yourself mesmerized by the gorgeous view of Dubai at its 360 degrees, the experience is thrilling and your children won’t stop talking about this for a long time, to keep your memory refresh at the sight don’t forget to grab your memorabilia at the gift shop.





Go to the top of the world’s tallest building, Burj khalifa

If you don’t know, Burj Khalifa is the world’s tallest building and is located in Dubai. it’s a must that you visit Burj khalifa if you visit Dubai as the experience is impressive and it’s so enjoyable.

Burj Khalifa is with a height of 829.8 meters(2722 ft just over half a mile) is so huge that you cannot comprehend how tall it is until you stand under it and then your neck will hurt as you are trying to see the top from beneath it, Burj khalifa comprises of a shopping mall, hotel and residential apartments, its surrounded by swimming pools, fountains that moves with the sound of music which is spectacular when seen at night from the top, and guess what, the night view in the dark is amazing.




Go sandboarding in the desert 

Sandboarding is a fun activity that your children will especially enjoy here in Dubai. All you need is snowboard, get yourself and the children down to the desert, let your children enjoy sliding down the Dunes and going back up the hills and sliding right down again. Trust me you need to join in this activity else you will be missing big time as it is full of fun except you don’t like getting messy like me as have got sweaty palms and feet and I don’t like the feel of sands on me.



Ride a camel

Another exciting thing you can do with your children if you visit a dessert is riding a camel. Children are more excited if it’s their first time .Camel riding is a wonderful way for the children and you to enjoy nature’s breathtaking scenery while getting rocked along the ride. it’s quite adventurous



Visit an aquarium

Visiting an aquarium is another exciting and fun activity you can do with your children this summer. You can either visit the lost chamber aquarium in Atlantis at the palm or the Dubai aquarium and underwater zoo which is right inside the Dubai Mall.

your children will enjoy exploring the aquarium, the aquarium has 10 chambers of wildlife and over 20 exhibits, coming face to face with the sea creatures such as sharks, stingrays, piranhas, seahorses will be so thrilling for them as I can already share in their joy

The Dubai Aquarium and underwater zoo are close to Burj khalifa. You can see a part of the aquarium without having to go inside which is impressive. It’s best to book your ticket in advance if you plan to visit and the best time is in the morning as the afternoon gets busier. children can enjoy interacting with the dolphins and sea lions and you could also take pictures of your children touching the dolphins and feeding the sea lions which is also amazing and will end up being memorable for them.



Dubai museum

If you want to know about the history of Dubai, the Dubai museum is the best place to visit. When you visit the museum you get to know about the middle east and how a barren desert became a buzzing Metropol…, it aimed at representing the traditional way of life in the emirate of Dubai, there are galleries which display the general culture of the land, has local antiques as well as artifacts from African and Asian countries, also includes several dioramas showing the life of the emirate before the advent of oil.

The Dubai museum is located in the old al Rashidi fort built-in 1787 which is one of the oldest building in Dubai. It’s small and in a compartment but it’s represented in such a way that children will enjoy it.


Go ice skating

Even though it’s summer right now and you want to experience the winter desert you can find an indoor ski arena and an ice skating rink at the mall of emirates, the ski clothing and equipment can be rented at the arena so you don’t need to buy any. The experience is amazing and I am sure your children will love it.


Go on the Dubai eye Ferris wheel

Excited about the most awaited attraction in Dubai? well, I am and I think you should be, it called the AIN DUBAI FERRIS WHEEL, It’s said to be opening in October this year 2021, It is touted to be the world’s largest Ferris wheel once it’s completed..the Ain Dubai Ferris wheel will showcase the Dubai glittering  coastline and the city’s impressive skyline. the experience on the ride is promised to be superb, thrilling, and exciting.

On the wheel expect the most beautiful sweeping panoramas of Dubai and its iconic landmarks like Burj Al Arab, Palm Jumeirah, and Burj Khalifa, the view is said to be exceptionally beautiful at sunset when the city is veiled in pink and ombre hue, start planning your visit, make sure it is around sunset and expect to witness the most amazing mind-boggling thrilling magic ever.


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