basic needs of children

 Basic needs  of children


Although children may have varying needs, they all have a lot of common needs, as well as each of us has physical needs such as food ,water, a place to live without this we won’t survive more or less children.. So, it’s absolutely necessary to make sure children’s needs are met by ensuring they eat nutritious and healthy meals on a regular basis and get enough water to drink. This can help to ensure that children are getting the right amount of nutrients in order to grow and develop on a physical level.

As a parent, caregiver.., you should know more about the basic needs of a child. With a better understanding of these things, you can make sure children in your care are getting everything they need in order to have a healthy and happy childhood!

Take a look at these;

7 basic needs of children 

    • security
    • stability
    • emotional support
    • love 
    • Education
    • positive role models
    • structures and consistency



    • Security

 Children need to feel safe and secure, we need to ensure that children have a roof over their head and ensure their safety as this is so important for children’s mental, emotional and overall development. Access to stable, adequate shelter, food, water, clothing ,medical care and protection from harm plays a major role in the health and well being of children

    • Stability

Stability comes from family and community which give children a sense of belonging.  Ideally, a family remains together in a stable household, but when this is disrupted either as a result of divorce or death of a parent this could disrupt the child’s life and  affect their  emotional development hence children life should be disrupt as little as possible so to give them a sense of belonging and tradition and cultural continuity


Acknowledge your child’s feelings and help them talk about what they feel and how they are feeling. let them know it’s Ok to cry that things will be better afterwards, Comfort your child when they are upset. Hold them and speak softly and calmly. Show your feelings. Let your child see when you are happy or sad, this  will help them to develop empathy for others.

Children needs lots of love and emotional support to help them develop into the better version of who they are, parents, caregiver  needs to give children lots of cuddles, hugs, talk to them, read stories, give children attention, respect their feeling and emotions, encourage them to try new things and reward them when they try new things or accomplish a goal. Even when your child have disobeyed, angered, frustrated and rebelled against you, show them you love them by correcting them in love, show them love as lots of love and emotional support really go a long way in children development


basic needs of children

    • Education

For children to be a better person in the future, education is the greatest gift you can give to them, the invaluable lesson you provide to them during your time together and education through  educational service  sectors such as school, are the best legacy you can give to your child  as it is the best legacy so they  become a better person in the community and in the world at large

basic needs of  children


    • Positive role models

Parents are children’s first and most important role models. Being a positive role model helps children in their emotional development as they  model their behaviour from people they admire, such as their parents, caregivers, teachers… When adults model a variety of emotions and coping strategies to manage their emotions, children learn appropriate ways to react in similar circumstances which support them in their overall development 

    • Structure and consistency 

Clear rules, structures and expectations provide limits and boundaries, and helps children not to only predict how parents will react, but also teaches them how to behave. Consistency means that we follow through with what we say we are going to do. It gives power to our words without structures and constituency children are forced to be adults before they are ever  ready which will make them lose respect for themselves, for you and other adults thus children need structures and consistency to help them grow and develop in every area.









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