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Birthdays are the moment in our lives where we celebrate another year added. Making this day fun for children is a way of celebrating their special day. Aside from preparing the venue, decorations, menu, and the sort. Organizing a birthday game is a must to keep the party rocky and fun .

I went to a birthday party Recently, and a parent asked me for some game ideas, so I was inspired to write an article on this topic. If you are planning on hosting a birthday party, its best to be prepared to keep the children entertained.

Below are some fun game ideas that you can use to entertain the children to make the day fun and memorable.
The exciting thing about these games is that it not limited to birthdays alone. You can do it at any time. The important thing is that children are happy and having fun.



The game of pass the parcel is a fun game you can use to entertain children in a birthday party. Its takes a bit of preparation before the party begins. Wrap an inexpensive gift ( such as stickers, pencils, bouncing balls, squishy toys ) in multiple layers, its advisable to use newspapers for the wrap. To play, have the players sits around in circles and pass the parcel as the music plays. When the music stops, the player holding the parcel must unwrap a layer to reveal and take their prize. Continue until the last player unwrap and collect their prize.
To make this more fun, instead of putting prizes in all layers, write actions to be perform by the players.
If the player unwrap the layer and sees frog jump, he needs to do the frog jump and then continue the game. I saw this cute video of children playing pass the parcel, might be helpful


Is a competitive game you can use to entertain children in a birthday party. The game involves the players walking or dancing around a group of chairs while the music plays. When the music stops, they have to sit quickly on a chair.
IF you plan on playing this game, it is best to have a trial first, have the Exact chairs of the players. Play the song and let them dance around the chairs, stop the music, players sit.
After the trial, tell the players it is time for the real deal, set up one fewer chair than the number of players and let them enjoy the games.
Younger ones tend to be annoyed when they fall out of the games. Since its a party am sure we do not want to upset them so its best to prepare a gift or a sticker for any child that misses out, let the others keep dancing around the chair at the sound of the music, grab a chair as soon as the music stops, keep playing music and dancing round until there is the last person standing, reward the winner with a gift.


birthday games


Treasure hunts is another fun birthday game idea. Children are usually excited about this game. Hide toys\ sweet around the space for guests to hunt, each player keeps what they find, and the player who finds the most wins the prize. The prize token can be anything, superhero stickers, colored pencils, and the likes.
For older children, you can make it into a team hunt, with prepared written map clues for directions , have the players follow the trails around the party space to find the hidden treasures, and the first team to locate the Treasure is the winner.



Line players up, each with a spoon, put some raw rice in a bowl, and let children scoop some rice into the spoon on READY SET GO players race to the predetermined finish line ( use a tape to draw out the line ). If the rice spills before they reach the finish line the player is out of the game.
Rather than using rice, you can also use eggs or ice. if you are using ice It will then be called ICE AND SPOON RACE. Freeze ice in cubes and put it in each players spoon. If the ice falls along the way, have the player pick it up and continue the race.


Here is another fun game that can make your child birthday fun and memorable,
Pop a donkey poster on the wall, blindfold players one at a time, and spin each child in a circle a few times. After the spin, tell them to try to stick the donkey tail as close as possible to its rump.
The idea is to get the children to be a little dizzy and see if they can stick the Tail to the right place, IT RUMP
Free free to be creative. It does not have to be a donkey and a Tail . It could be the wand and the fairy, the tail of the mermaid
use whatever suit your theme or what your child prefers


Egg or bean bag toss

Egg toss is a fun messy game you can use to entertain children in a birthday party. Hard boil eggs beforehand, though I must admit it much fun if the eggs are raw, especially if the game is for older players
if you cant deal with the mess that comes with cleaning and the smell of egg, it is best to use bean bags.
Pair players and have them toss an egg or bean bag back and forth to each other. Each time the players capture it, they must take a step backward and continue (Its best to use a paper tape to make lines on the flour so they know where to stand). The team that catches their eggs or bean bags with the furthest distance between them wins!



Here is another fun game for the party to keep rolling. All you need is a pillowcase or burlap sack for each player.
To race, the players must stand with their feet inside the sack and on the word GO races to the finish line. The first player to cross the finish line is the winner.
For older players, you can play the game in a relay style. The first player must race to their partner, pass the sack and continue to the finish line. The first team to cross the finish line is the winner.
Again use paper tape to make a line to represent the finish line



Here is another exciting birthday game ideas , it is play in pairs. The first person is known as the wheelbarrow while, the second person is called the driver.
They start with their hands on the floor and their legs held by the second person called the driver. The wheelbarrow walks with the hands across the floor while the driver follows behind, holding his legs and steering the wheelbarrow, the first team across the finishing line is the winner.



Here is another fun classical  birthday game for party rockers, divide player into relay team of four players, two on each side of the play space. You can team them TEAM A and B
Blow up balloons and let team A place the balloons between their knees and jump across the play space, keep jumping until they reach their partner in the opposite direction, handover the balloon to the partner, the partner places the balloon between his knees and keep jumping to the finish lines
Game rules
1. players are not allowed to touch the balloon. If the player touches the balloon, he starts over again
2. If the balloon falls while jumping, the player picks it up and starts over,
racing back and tagging the next person in line. The first team to get this completed from start to finish wins!



Here is another classical  birthday game, let the party rockers (players) sit in circle with legs crossed. Select one to be the goose the goose, stands up and walks around the group of players tapping (gently) each of the other players on the head.
Each time the goose taps the heads of the players, he says duck when, they decide on who the goose should be, they tape the person’s head saying goose (whosoever is called goose needs to hop up and chase) and then start off running, he needs to run round the circle, to the seat of the person that just hopped up and sits.
If he can make it round the circle of players, back to the seat of the person that just hopped up and sat without being tag then, he is no longer goose.
The person who fail to catches him becomes the new goose.
If the new goose tags him, then the goose keeps his spot in the circle and must either continue to be the goose or sit in the middle until, he is tag for another turn.

Wishing the celebrant a fabulous birthday and hope they have a memorable and fun day with this classical games.







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