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Hi, guys planning on getting messy? I have an idea for you it’s about making your kinetic moon sand, and trust me children love this. Before I dive in on how to make kinetic moon sands I would like to tell you all about kinetic sand.

Kinetic sand is sand that gets soft and crumbles like fine beach sand when added with other ingredients. It tends to hold its shape when squeezed in a mold. This makes kinetic sand a lot of fun for children as they can make it into a sandcastle, mold it into a shape or things of their choice.


To make it more exciting for your children, you can buy all sorts of fun kinetic sand kits so they can enjoy molding, you can also buy already made kinetic sand in stores it’s best and easier to make your own as you can make the quantity of your choice.

There are different ways of making kinetic moon sand, some use water and dish soap which end up being more of a sand slime.

But, I would like to share a recipe that only use three ingredients which are; colorful sand, cornstarch or flour, and oil.

How to make kinetic moon sand

Making kinetic sand is quite easy, with just three steps it’s done. when making this let your children do it as its all part of the fun

Ingredient| materials;

Colorful sand

Corn starch




    •  To make this kinetic sand use ratio of 6;4;1 that is six parts of sands, four parts of corn starch, and one part of oil (could be any oil, baby oil, vegetable doesn’t matter)
    • Into a container pour 6 cups of colorful sand( you can also use a measuring cup or a scoop)
    • Pour four cups of corn starch over the sand and mixes 
    • Pour one cup of oil into it and begin mixing until it’s well incorporated, such that it appears wet.

Yeee!!!! You just made kinetic sand, now let the children have fun molding and creating,


kinetic moon sand

Play ideas

Cut some bottles into two pieces and put them into the sand, put some scoops or molders or toys 

You can also purchase some sand kits in stores.



This kinetic moon sand helps build children’s fine motor skills and develop their creativity, you can also put some numbers, letters, and shapes inside and let them identify this way they are learning through play.

Join in the play, watch out for what they create, ask them questions, and tell them more about it.



you can store kinetic moon sand in a closed container and cool environment.

Making and playing with kinetic moon sand is fun I hope you find the recipe easy comment below and let me know what you think about this recipe.




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