Mother’s day is a unique day to celebrate and give extra special recognition to mummies to appreciate their roles in our lives. Am aware the celebration varies in different countries hence, I hope this finds you on time as I thought of sharing some creative ideas that the children could make to melt the heart of their mummies and show them love in their little way. There are bunches of amazing mother’s day craft ideas children can make at home or in the classroom.

Mother’s day craft does not have to be complicated,better to make it simple so children can enjoy the process and make their mummies  something as unique as they are

Below are a few fun ideas I thought you might like;


Teapot poem


    • Cardboard paper( cut into teapot shapes)
    • Poem boot
    • Glue for sticking the pieces
    • Paint
    • Gems
    • Feathers
    • teabag

This is a great idea for mothers day craft ideas especially for mummies who enjoy tea, this could be a great way to make them smile


    • cut out teapot shapes from cardboard 
    • let children stick the part together using glue
    • design with gems or feathers, they could design it with paint or gems (it will be great to ask the child what they would like, or probably set up different options)
    • let them have fun designing mummies special gift

don’t forget to stick the poem boot as it will make mummies smile

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Heart Card purse and flower


    • Cardboard paper
    • Coloured paper (cut into a heart shape)
    • Flower template
    • Paint
    • Paint Brushes or sponges
    • Written note

Every mummies carries a purse, so it will be cute if children make them one,


    •  cut coloured paper into the shape of a purse 
    • cut out lots of heart shapes 
    • let children decorate the bag by sticking the heart shapes 
    • give children flower templates and let them have fun painting with either paint brushes, sponges, or their cute little fingers
    •  let it dry and let the child do the packaging (put the flowers and written note)
    • these little gestures will surely melt mummies heart

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Feathery purse card


Cardboard paper




Is mummies fancy ? how about we make her a fancy purse, 

this is an easy and simple mothers day craft idea


    •  make cardboard into a purse-like shape in such a way that it can hold letters or love notes
    •  provide children with lots of feathers and gems and let them make mummies  a fancy purse

 I think this is cute and am sure when mummies  sees it, the smile will be bold, and who knows, it might be a real handbag



mothers day ideas



Flower card

I am wondering if mummy is  a lover of flowers ? making a flower card will be thoughtful if she does, 

this craft is easy, all that children need to do is stick all the pieces onto the card


    • cardboard
    • pipe cleaner
    • coloured paper
    • glue 


    •  cut out a square shape from cardboard
    • cut out flower pot shape from recycled bag
    • Cut out flower shape( I will be using a tulip flower)
    • cut out leaves shape 
    • using a pipe cleaner as the stem, let the child have fun creating the flower card by;
    • sticking the pipe cleaner onto the card,
    • stick the leaves 
    • stick the flowers

making a flower card is another great time for children to learn parts of a flower, and also show mummy love with their beautiful creations

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Teacup card


    • Cardboard
    • Teabag
    • Egg tray
    • Glue
    • Stickers or gems

mummies might probably love this, especially if mummy  is a tea-loving mummy 


    • cutout square from cardboard(child coloured choice), 
    • using an empty egg tray, 
    • cut out a piece of the egg holder (these will help hold the tea bag in place)
    •  give children glue and let them stick the one-piece tray on the paper, 
    • put the tea bag inside and decorate the card using stickers or gems

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 Heart button book-mark

Here is another thoughtful idea that could be so useful to mummies ‘ especially if mummy  is a reader, it’s simple and easy to make, won’t take much time.

To make mummy  a lovely book-mark you will need 


    • Popsicle sticks
    • coloured paper
    • colourful buttons
    • glue sticks


    • cut out a heart shape from coloured papers
    • using a glue stick let the child stick the heart and buttons on the Popsicle
    • let it dry and mummies  book-mark is ready

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Tree of love craft

This mothers day craft idea is easy, simple and unique

mummies will love it,


    • Cartons
    • Coloured papers
    • Glue stick
    • Written note


    • Trace child hand from hard cards or cartons, 
    • cut out the hand traces from the carton leaving like 5 cm below the hand trace 
    • cut out lots of heart shapes from coloured papers (just like the picture below)
    •  let the children stick the heart and the love letter

mummies will be thrilled by this tree of love



craft ideas

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