graduation ideas





graduation ideas

Hurray !!! Graduation is in the air. How time flies , children grow up so fast. After a year of Practising, the numbers,shapes and letters, making friends, learning little things, they are ready to go to big school.

When I first joined the education sector, parting with the children, especially during the Graduation,was a teary moment for me. But with time, I could carry on as the memory lingers still. The bond we share, the beautiful time spent together will remain and be cherished.

Graduating is a must as students have to move on to the next milestone of their life. Children can not be children forever.

Graduating from preschool is one of the first celebrated milestones for a young child and Preparing for this celebration is a big deal, as there are lots of Ts to be crossed and i’s to be a dot.

For a preschool teacher, a graduation ceremony is likely one of the most important events you will host during the year. To inspire your planning, I thought of sharing some beautiful ideas that could make it easier for you to plan the graduation ceremony


    • Location

While Preparing for a graduation ceremony, the first thing you should do is pick a location, consider the number of guests, the decorations, and the seating position. These, will help you determine the space you will need


    • Budgeting

 Before you start spending, figure out your budget. If you have a set budget, it’s easier to know what to buy,it also help to avoid overspending


    • Graduation caps and gown

 Graduation gowns and caps are the most important of the graduation ceremony. It looks cool on children. Whether you are ordering for it or the setting owns it, it should be dry clean, iron, and ready for use.


    • Graduation program

Prepare a graduation program with the list of the order of the event, including the students name. You can also add the class group photo. These should be handed out to parents on arrival or place on the setup chairs


    • Plan the order of the event

 Through the celebration process, consider how easy it is for the student to assess the stage, sit, do the sing-song, most importantly, the diploma processional, make sure the sitting arrangement is not hindering them in any way


    • Setting up

Set up early, preferably a day before the ceremony, arrange the chairs, set up the decorations and all, put out the refreshments, and stack out the diploma in the correct order these way, you will not be stressed about anything before the ceremony begins.


    • Entertain parent

 Plan an entertaining performance as parents love seeing their children on stage. There are a lot of graduation songs that children can do with choreography, watch out for my upcoming articles on  Graduation song ideas 


    • Rehearse

 Take time to walk the children through the ceremony before the big day. So they are ready and prepared. Also, practice the handshaking and handling of the diploma certificate, these will help students to know what to do and where to stand to receive the certificate. 


    • Test equipment

Before the big day, test all equipment such as, the speaker, microphone, projector, and others to ensure everything is working properly


    • Hold an art show

 Hold an art show of students artwork in the ceremony room. These will excite the children and make parent proud as they see their child’s masterpiece


    • Set a time limit

As you know, children’s attention span is not the same. Set up the time limit, estimate what time best suit the children, and keep on the timeline


    • Expect preschool behaviour

As children will always be children, it is hard to predict their act in front of a crowd, so if someone acts up, contain the situation, keep calm and keeps smiling, I am sure the parents will understand.


    • Display awesome moment

Making a movie of children’s Awesome moments by compiling children’s photos or videos with music and displaying them using a projector will be an Amazing way to end the ceremony or entertain the guest on arrival


    • Create a photo booth

Photo booth is for children to take photos. During the graduation ceremony it will be Amazing to set up a photo booth so preschoolers can have fun taking photo with friends and parents. The photo booth could be design using mini diplomas, graduation caps, and bow ties.


    • Hand out diploma

After the students sing-song episode or presentations, it is time to match out. Students should match out while playing the graduation marching song and be handed their diplomas.

This moment is so beautiful, as the graduating preschooler gets to be shaken and handed their diploma. Check online for printable diploma certificate and ensure each student names are correct.

Remember to tie the diploma certificate with a colourful ribbon to grace the occasion



    • Give special awards

Calling out students names and rewarding them with special awards for their best behaviour is a great way to celebrate the moments.


    • Give educational goodies

It will be nice to have an educational goodies bag for your students since they are going to a big school, the bag should contain pencils, books, and anything that will support them in their next stage at kindergarten 


    • Say thank you

Round up the ceremony by Appreciating parents for being Amazing and for all their support all through the year



Well accomplished teachers, you did an Amazing job all through the year. After the graduation ceremony I think its time to take a deep breath, relax, and smell the roses. You deserve it and more





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