paper mache volcano


           Paper mache Volcano

The Volcano experiment presents an amazing scientific activity capable of captivating children’s interest and fostering their curiosity. In a previous article how to make a volcano , I discussed the process of creating a volcano.

Now, I’d like to introduce an additional entertaining approach to enhance the experiment’s thrill, involving the utilization of paper mache. Come along as we explore the steps to craft a paper mache volcano together.

What is paper Mache ?

Paper mache is a technique used to create shapes out of shredded paper, It is a fun way for children to create shapes, and get messy

 The volcano Paper mache experiment could take days which is exciting as children will be able to enjoy the process, have time to ask questions, and learn more.

  Materials needs

    • Empty plastic bottle
    • Cardboard
    • Sticky Tape
    • Paint (red, green, orange, yellow, blue)
    • Paintbrushes
    • Bicarbonate soda
    • Flour
    • Vinegar


step 1

Using sticky tape attach the bottle to the cardboard, I recently did this experiment and I was rather creative with the materials. I used a rough kind of cardboard that I had kept for recycling from furniture but, instead of attaching a bottle,

I attached a tissue roll. I know by now you are wondering where I am going to pour the vinegar, I had kept an empty bubble bottle, so I thought of popping the bottle into the tissue roll

When it comes to experimenting, be creative, this will help children to think outside the box and be able to substitute when the need arises

Step 2

Create a mountain shape around the bottle using scrunched foil or papers

in the recent paper mache experiment we did with the children in my class, instead of creating a mountain around the tissue (remember, I used a tissue roll instead of a bottle)

using scrunched papers or foil, I put three pieces of tissue roll to support the roll or bottle in the middle and use tape to hold it together 

Step 3

Make the paper mache mixture -mix 1 cup of flour with 2 cups of water, allow the children to do the mixing as this is part of the fun, let them begin to dip the paper strips into the mixture and place it layer by layer around the prepared statue, keep dipping and placing until it forms a mountain



Step 4

Once its dried then, it’s time to get colorfully messy. Allow the children to paint the volcano using all the colors (green, red, orange, yellow ) Yellow could be at the tip to represent the spewing lava.

I did gave the children the colors just they are so great at mixing colors so we end up with this.

The colors doesn’t really matter what is important is that children get to be children


Step 5

 here comes the exciting part, it’s time to be a little scientist. If you are doing this in the classroom, let children dress as little scientific.

 if you are at home, if they have the dress-up clothes let them dress up this makes it more fun 

Step 6

Add 2-3 tsp of bicarbonate soda and a few drops of red food coloring into the bottle,

Step 7

Pour the vinegar into the bottle, stand back and watch as the volcano erupt. I could already imagine the excitement and surprise in the children faces.


I hope they enjoy the experiment.


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