Quality early Education

The emotional, social, mental and physical development of  young children has a direct effect on their overall development and on the adult they will become.

That is why Optimizing children early lives is the best investment we can make as a society in ensuring their future success 


What is early childhood education ?

Early childhood Education comprises all forms of education, both formal and informal provided to children at an early stage to approximately 8 years of age. Early childhood education is fundamental to the development of children and can significantly shape the later years of their individual lives

According to UNESCO(United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization) 

“Early childhood care and education (E.C.C.E) is more than preparation for primary school. It aims at the holistic development of a child’s social, emotional, cognitive and physical needs in order to build a solid and broad foundation for lifelong learning and well being. E.C.C.E has the possibility to nurture caring, capable and responsible future citizens.”





 Benefits of Early Childhood Education

Young mind can be liken to sponge as its has the potential to absorb a great deal of information making it important for children to have guidance while learning


  • Holistic development 

Early childhood educators are trained to identify the weaker aspect of a child and to encourage them to improve  through practical sessions of interaction among peers  thus, developing children emotional, social, mental, and physical personality as it is important to have a strong foundation in every aspect of their personality 


  • Socialization;

The main concept of socialization takes root in early childhood, in a safe and stimulating environment away from home children meet with other children of their age thus, sowing the seed of socialization and friendship in young minds, this eliminates the shy nature of a child and develops self confidence.



  • Cooperation


In a safe and stimulating environment children will learn to cooperate through guidance from early years professionals, children learn to share, cooperate, take turns, this is especially beneficial for an only child who is not familiar with having to share things or take turns.


  • Enthusiasm for Lifelong Learning

Early childhood education will develop in children the hunger for learning if they are taught through fun and exciting activity, this eagerness and enthusiasm for learning will remain with them their entire lives!


  •  Respect

Early childhood education helps children learn to become civil towards one another and to also understand that the concept of  respect is not just limited to people and belonging but also to their environments.


  • Teamwork

Early childhood education helps to improve children’s attitude towards working as a team as activities in school focus on this , teamwork capability is based on respect for others opinions, listening skills and mentality towards equity which should be taught at a young age.


  • Concentration

The repetitive occurrence of activities  and tasks provided by early  years educators helps to improve children concentration skills


  • Patience

Activities such as sharing, taking turns provided by educators in preschool helps to develop patience in children which help them to handle situations.


  • Resilience

Children need to develop resilience as early as possible as our society is ever changing. The day to day activities provided by early years professionals are challenges to young minds which help them to learn through their own experience, the bruises and bumps from their challenges lay the foundation for coping and overcoming future challenges.


Early childhood education  create opportunity for positive interaction with educators and peers, encourage a positive view in children thus builds children self esteem and confidence




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