Reading stories in a fun way is a medium to get children’s attention and make them enjoy reading. In my early years, I had load of storybooks which I enjoyed reading and had helped me as I grew into adulthood.

You can make your child enjoy reading by making it fun even from their early years, that is why in this article, I will like to share some books that can get your child’s attention and make them enjoy reading or listening to a story, check out my recent article on the benefit of reading stories to children

Goldilocks and the Three Bears by Robert Southey

Goldilocks and the three bears is a fairy tale story, its about a little girl called Goldilocks, one day Goldilocks stumbles onto the home of the three bears and tries out the three bears’ porridge (bowls of oatmeal), she tastes each bowl to see which one suits her taste, sits on the three chairs and tried to sleep on the three beds before finding one that fits her perfectly

Perhaps the author of the story was trying to entertain children with the fantasy of talking about bears perhaps, it was to encourage children to take risks. Attached is a video that will make this story more fun for your child

Note; Children do not need to watch the story, they just need to listen to it and enjoy the sound and song of the story. Children screen time should be limited, watch out for my upcoming article on the effect of screen time on children.

The Animal Boogie by Debbie Harter

The animal boogie is a story about animals that live in the jungle, it entails the different movements of animals, on each page of the book, children need to guess which animal is coming next using the clue of their movement

This story helps children to get familiar with the jungle animal and their movement, it also teaches about actions like stomping, leaping, flapping, and shaking, it’s a fun way to get children into the exercise mood and burn away some energies




Llama llama Red Pajama by Anna Dewdney

This is another fun storybook that you can read to get your child’s attention, its a story of a llama who turns bedtime into an all-out drama llama, baby llama was tucked into bed by his mama, but llama starts worrying when her mama goes downstairs, his soft whimpers turn holler when she doesn’t come right back, but just in time, Mama returns to set things right.

If your child cries at night and does not want to sleep on his bed or probably is attached, this is the best story to read as it helps alleviates children’s fears of separation, it makes children understand that even when mamas are not around they’re still loved.



Rumble in the jungle by Giles Andrea

Rumble in the jungle is a fun descriptive rhyming book about jungle animals, as you read the book you work your way through the jungle encountering different animals like elephants, chimpanzees, lions, and so on. Each animal has a short description of their character.

The rhythm and rhymes of the book engage children and build their anticipation as they rumble through the pages. The book is colourfully illustrated, with simple language children love it

For educators, this is a fun book to work with in teaching children literacy as well as creating a jungle/ animal theme across all other subject areas such as role play, art, music, and more



Brown Bear Brown Bear

Brown bear brown bear is a fun story written by Eric Carles, it includes colourful characters of a brown bear, yellow duck, red bird, purple cat, orange fish, black sheep, green frog, white dog, and a blue horse. The brown bear is asked what he sees, and he responds by saying he sees a red bird.

The red bird sees the yellow duck, the book moves on introducing a new animal and a new colour on each page until the goldfish sees the teacher and the teacher sees the children, the children then see all the colourful animals that have been introduced in the book.

This book is a fun way of introducing colour and animal vocabulary to children, it also provides a scoop for discussion on individual uniqueness such as eye colour, hair, and skin colour as well as cultural backgrounds.






The Greedy Goat

The greedy goat is another fun story written by petre Horacek, the story is about a goat who is tired of eating herbs and grass and wants to try something new, so she embarks on a tasting spree by trying the dog food, then the pig’s potato peels and even the farmers’ underpants, but things go wrong as he then gets sick.

The story teachers children to NEVER BE GREEDY, the story also teaches children about colours and days of the week.


 read storybook

lets sing with Eric CharlesĀ  (From Head to TOE)

From Head to toes is a fun action book written by Eric Charles, in the story each animal introduces itself and does an action, the animals then ask the children if they can do the same, the story is engaging, and children will learn the importance of listening, exercising and taking on a new challenge.







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