12 Amazing science experiments

Have you been wondering an easy way to get some science experiment recipe without watching the youtube,for me at times it’s quite frustrating to sit and watch loads of science experiment video just to know the exact recipe  and that is why i have come up with this amazing  idea to support you with a hassle free science experiment and i will also be attaching some videos that might help. Below are some super amazing science experiment that your children would find exciting.


Science Experiments


Rainbow in a glass


Materials needed

    • Mug
    • Water
    • 5 glass cups
    • A clear glass jar
    • A pipette(
    • Skittles of different colours (red, green, purple)


    • Spread out the 5 cups and put the skittle into the cups in these amount; red (2pieces ), orange (4pieces), yellow (6pieces),  Green (8pieces), and purple (10pieces) 
    • Heat  a cup of water for about 2 minute  ( or long enough that the water is hot but not boiling) be careful  as the water is hot and we don’t want any accident
    • Scoop 2 tablespoons of hot water into each cup on top of the skittles
    • Stir each cup and set it aside to cool as it’s needed to cool before we can proceed in the experiment
    • Stir every ten minutes until the skittles are dissolved and the water is in room temperature
    • Using the pipette add the coloured water from the five  cups to the clear glass,go slowly as we dont want the different layers to mix, start with purple, then add green,then yellow, orange and add the red last.

            Yeeeeeeah  you made a rainbow and am sure the children will love it.

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Sizzlin’ snowballs


This experiment is more like adding acid to base , the acid is the vinegar and the base is the baking soda.


    • baking soda
    • water
    • bowl
    • white vinegar
    • pipette or dropper


    • Add baking soda to water until baking soda becomes packable dough,not runny or watery. Shape into a ball
    • Freeze experiment
    • Remove from the fridge and place it over one another like a snowball
    • Use pipette or a dropper to put drops or squirts of vinegar onto your snowballs
    • Watch them sizzle as if it is spring! 

You can even make it more exciting for your children by adding some food coloring into the vinegar before pouring it into the snowball.

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Reverse snowball into ice cubes

Also sizzlin’ snowballs  experiment can be reverse as  the following ;


    • Pour  vinegar into ice cube tray 
    •  freeze the vinegar instead of the baking soda 
    •  use a spoon to scoop the baking soda over it and see what happens, you will be amazed at how excited your children will be by the reaction of the vinegar to the baking soda.

Storm in a glass

Here is another exciting experiment that i especially find intriguing


    • Shaving form
    • A large glass
    • Water
    • Food coloring
    • A spoon


    • Pour about half cup of water in the  glass
    • Fill the 3\4 of the glass of water with shaving foam
    • Spread the shaving form evenly on the water using the spoon more like spreading a gem on the bread
    • Pour half cup of water in a separate cup 
    • Using the pipette drop 10 drops of food coloring into the water and stir
    • Using a spoon gently add the colored water spoonful by spoonful onto the top of the shaving cream.when it’s get too heavy, watch it storm and don’t forget to take picture of your children excited face during this moment as their look at that moment will inspire you afterwards


In this experiment the shaving foam is our pretend cloud and the  cloud in the sky  can hold onto water, they can hold lots and lots of water  but then when the cloud get heavy from holding unto the water, they eventually  fall as rain, snow,  hail or sleet.


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Dancing Hearts 



    •  A glass jar
    • 7 up or sprite (soda)
    • conventional  hearts candy


    • Pour one and half cup of the 7 up or sprite into the jar 
    • Drop 12 piece of conventional  heart candy into the jar
    • Watch the heart dance up and down in the soda.

Bubbling Vinegar pops


    • Vinegar
    • Baking soda
    • Ice tray
    • Food coloring
    • Aluminium foil
    • Popsicle stick


    • Pour some vinegar in a cup
    • Add food coloring and mix ,you could  use different cups if you want to make different colors
    • Fill the ice tray with the  colored vinegar
    • Cover the ice tray with  aluminum foil and pop in the popsicle stick in each of the ice cube tray
    • Place in the freezer and freeze for about four to six hours
    • Put about three to four tablespoon of baking soda in a plate
    • Remove the vinegar from the freezer , wait a few minute and pop out the vinegar pop
    • Dip them in the plate of baking soda 
    • Wait a few minutes and watch the bubbling begin.

Water fire works


    • 1 clear glass jar
    • 1 glass cup
    • Water
    • Oil
    • A fork
    • Food coloring


    •  Fill  the clear glass jar with water(room temperature water)
    • Pour two tablespoon of oil  into the  glass cup
    • Add two table spoon of food coloring into the glass with oil
    • Stir the oil  into the food coloring using  a fork, stop stirring when it forms into smaller drops
    • Pour the colored drops of oil into the clear glass  jar of water and watch
    • The food coloring will sink in  the jar with each droplet expanding outwards as it falls
    • Enjoy the sight,  it does look like fireworks!!!  Right ?

Floating egg

This is another amazing experiment you can do with children, its a cool way for children to learn about  density


    • Egg
    • Water
    • Salt
    • A tall glass cup
    • A spoon


    • Fill half of the glass cup with water
    • Using a spoon gently place the  egg in the glass of water and see what happen i.e if its sink or float  ( it will definitely sink)
    • Use a  spoon to put  some salt into the glass  and stir until the salt dissolve , put in more salt and stir until the egg begin to float
    • When the egg begin to float carefully pour more fresh water until the glass is nearly full, we are being careful so as not to disturb or mix the salty water with the plain water, if you are careful the egg will begin to float between the salt and freshwater 

Soap repel glitters

This experiment is awesome way to teach children that washing hands with soap help fight against germs especially during this period of covid- 19 where we are require to wash our hands frequently, as we know that when glitters get on..its can be difficult to rid it off,  so in this experiment you can liken the glitters to germs and show the children how soap fight against glitters and germs


    • Dish soap
    • Glitters
    • A wide large bowl
    • Water


    • Pour the water into the bowl
    • Get your child to pour in some glitters
    • Push the dish wash into the middle of the bowl and watch
    • The glitters will begin to repel the dish wash by moving further away

 Magic Walking color


This experiment is amazing and colorful, children in my class especially liked it and am sure your children will find it exciting too.


    • 5 glass cups or clear jar ( or according to the number of colors you want to use )
    • Water
    • Food coloring
    • Paper towels
    • Pipette
    • Spoon or spatula


    • Place each glass cups or clear jar beside each other
    • Pour in some water each reaching the middle of each glass
    • Using the pipette drop in  different colors into each cups ( four drops each )
    • Stir the color  in the cups using a spatula
    • Roll the paper towel into a long like rope
    • Insert the long like towel into the cups just like the picture
    • Get your children to sit and watch what happens next, children will be amazed  as they watch the colors walking from one glass to another.

Sugar water color separation

This is another awesome activity you can use to teach children about density


    • A clear long jar 
    • 4 glass cups
    • Water
    • Sugar
    • pipette


    • Place each glass cups beside each other
    • Put  some water in the first glass cup and add a color
    • Into the second cup put two tablespoon of sugar, add some water, food color and stir
    • Into  the third cup add 3 tablespoon of sugar, add some water, food color and stir until dissolve
    • Finally  into the fourth cup add 4 tablespoon of sugar, food color, and stir until dissolve
    • Into the cup of long clear jar pour some of the water in the glass with two tablespoon of sugar
    • Using a pipette take some water from the glass with three tablespoon of sugar and slowly put it inside the jar,carefully so it doesn’t mix with the first water
    • Next use the pipette to put some water from the fourth cup carefully so its also appear laid. 
    •  finally using a pipette take the water without sugar and put it over the other

Trust me your child will be amazed when the liquid float on top of the other like magic.


Soda in the sky


This experiment is quite exciting for children and even adult, just it’s  messy so its will be best to carry it out in a corner probably in the  garden,veranda or  where you don’t mind getting messy  as this chemical reaction will send the soda shooting high in the air.


    •  Big Pepsi (soda)
    •  Cup
    •  Mentos


    • Empty some of the soda in a cup
    • Get your children to move a bit away
    • Put in 3 piece of mentos 
    • Watch as the soda  shoot high in the air 

Send Secret messages with invisible ink

Get your children pretend  to be secret agent,  it’s quite exciting and children will really love it 


    • Paintbrush
    • White paper
    • Lemon juice
    • cup


    • Squeeze the lemon juice into the cup
    • Deep the paint brush into the juice
    • Get the children to write whatever they want on the paper i.e i love you, happy birthday..
    • Hold the paper over a heat source and watch the invisible become visible


Floating objects in solution


In this experiment children can learn about different concept, such as different solutions, learn about density, compare and contrast how objects float in different water mixtures


    • 4 clear glass cups
    • Water
    • Salt
    • Sugar
    • Soda water


    • Place the glass cup beside each other
    • Pour some soda water in a cup
    • Pour some water in all the other cups
    • Add salt into one of the cups
    • Add sugar into one of the cups
    • Leave one of the cup with plain water

Explore how sugary drinks affect teeth

This is a great experiment  you as a parent, caregiver, educator can use to teach children  about how what they eat could stain their teeth or wear down the enamels,as the calcium content of eggshell makes them a great stand in for teeth


    •  Cooked Eggs
    • Soda drinks
    • Chocolate drinks
    • Juice
    • water
    •  4 cups


    • Place the cups beside each other
    • Pour each drinks into different cups
    • Place  one cook eggs into each of the cups
    • Leave it overnight  and see what happens the next day
    • Remove the eggs from the cups, the egg would have been stained ,let the children have more fun and expand their knowledge by brushing the egg using a toothbrush  and toothpaste and see if the stains come off

Blow up a balloon without blowing


This experiment is quite well known,you might have even done this probably when you were in school,i thought it could excite children as well as children loves balloon, this experiment demonstrate acids and base


    • Empty bottles
    • balloons
    • Vinegar
    • Baking soda


    • Fill  the bottle with vinegar
    • Fill the balloon with baking soda
    • Fit the balloon over the top of the bottle
    • Shake the ballon so the baking soda goes down into the vinegar
    • Watch the balloon inflate

Colorful gobstoppers

This experiment is gorgeously beautiful, get your children to create a masterpiece of their own


    • Flat a bit inner plate
    • Water
    • 10 Gobstoppers


    • Cover the plate with water (try not to let the water leak over)
    • Let children lay out the gobstopper in the plate in their desire design
    • Observe for like 2 to 3min as the outer dye appears to melt into the water.

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