Do you have big dreams filled with excitement about the possibility of touching the future and impacting little lives but then the reality sets in, teaching is hard work, and sometimes blooming the blooms could be overwhelming? If you are at the overwhelming point

 Then, you are in the right place.     

I’m Rhoda Adegbite and I go by Rogite. My mission is to help you  ( yes, you) save time and make your impossible life just a little bit easier by supporting you in creating learning environments that educate, engage and inspire. I appreciate that your time as carers, educators, or parents is precious, and might be challenging to find high quality teaching ideas and knowledge to support little lives in their blooming journey, so I am here to make your life a bit easier by providing you with ideas and knowledge that will bloom, educate, inspire and enable you to focus more of your time and energy on inspiring lifelong blooming journeys of learners


 I believe that children deserve to be nurtured with so much love and care to be able to bloom and flourish

But remember,

While blooming little blooms don’t forget to stop and smell the roses you deserve it ( yes you do)






science experiments


Children are naturally curious and when introduced to science Experiment tend to become better problem solvers as this helps to raise their IQs

Science for children begins from every exposure, and when they are encouraged to ask questions, they benefit from explicit lessons in critical thinking as every question answered explains their reasoning.

Science experiments are a big deal and should be introduced to children at an early stage as this helps;

    • them make sense of things around them
    • Nurture children’s curiosity and sense of adventure
    • Help children develop an understanding of the natural world
    • Encourage children to be a persistent problem solvers

If you are looking for a hands-on, mind-blowing science experiment for children? you are at the right place as it’s my pleasure to provide you with mind-blowing science experiment ideas that will create Amazing magical moments for children as they watch how science collides with curiosity


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