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Hi guys!! Since summer is now in its full swing, apart from having plans to visit exciting places just like i suggested in my previous blog post  ”Thrilling summer fun”, I thought of providing you with some summer art and craft that could help your child learn and have fun. I will be featuring lots of summer fun crafts such as beach, sea creatures, summer clothes, sunglasses, and a lot more.


Beach craft

This craft activity is exciting as it helps children think of the natural environment and what they could find and see on the beach. It’s more of cognitive development as they can think as well as be creative.


    • Paper plate
    • Paintbrush
    • Bit of sand
    • Sea creatures ( cut out with colored paper)
    • Glue
    • Blue paint


    • Let your child enjoy creating a beach using these resources, paint half of the paper plant in blue which is the pretend water, apply glue on the other side and sprinkle some sand, glue the sea creatures in the pretend water
    • You can also extend these craft activities for them by cutting out the tree with colored paper and let them glue the pretend tree on the sand, when children are carrying out this activity make sure to engage them, let them decide where all the materials go just direct them so they can enjoy the process and be happy it’s their creation, am pretty sure your child will love this activity and won’t stop talking about it.


Ice cream craft


    • Colored paper
    • Scissors
    • Glue


    • Cut out the cream-colored paper into a cone
    • Cut other colors you would prefer into circles
    • Cut a brown paper in such a way it looks dripping
    • Cut a white paper into a spoon-like shape
    • Provide your child with all these shapes and let them make it into their version of pretend ice cream. I am sure this will make them crave the real ice cream so get ready!!


Lemonade craft


    • White paper
    • Yellow paper


    • Cut white paper into a cup shape,
    • Cut yellow paper into a cup shape
    • Cut yellow paper into a semi-circle
    • Place over each other in such a way that the white paper is showing more.


Paper fan craft


    • Color paper of different colors(red, cream, and green)
    • Popsicle stick
    • Glue
    • Permanent black marker


    • Cut 5cm from the long side of the red paper 
    • Make lots of dots on the red colored paper using the permanent maker(let your child do this)
    • Cut a 2cm from the length of the cream paper
    • Cut 3cm from the long side of the green paper 
    • Using the glue let your child glue onto the red paper the 2cm cream paper and 3cm green paper
    • Now fold the paper in the width part of the paper like 1cm over each other just like the picture below,(for a bigger child this is easier but for younger children help is needed)
    • At each end of the folded paper attach the popsicle stick using glue, let it dry for like 15 min, when this is done flip both sides in such a way that the 2 popsicle stick from both ends meets..let your child blow themself using the fan as they have finally made a fan to help beat the heat.


Summer shirt


    • Colored paper
    • Glue
    • Scissors


    • Cut of shirt like pattern using the colored paper
    • Using the colored paper make different shapes, could also make bows, you could even cut out numbers
    • Give your child the shirt and let them design it using all the shapes you have cut sure they will like this activity.


Fish seashell craft


    • Seashell
    • Coloreds paper
    • Scissors
    • Glue
    • googly eyes
    • Glitters
    • Paintbrush


    • Using the paintbrush let your child apply some glue to the seashell 
    • Sprinkle some glitters and let it dry
    • Using the scissors cut out the fish part, like fins and tail using the colored paper, let your child decide if they want to apply some glitter to beautify it
    • Using glue, attach all the sides of the fish and the eye…

Yes!! Your child has successfully made a craft fish.




Hot air balloon


    • Colored papers
    • Glue
    • Brown paper
    • Colorful yarn


    • Cut different colored paper into a balloon shape
    • Fold it all in the middle
    • Place a plain colored paper on the table and apply glue in the middle Place a balloon shape paper into the middle and press it down so it glues
    • Apply glue to the middle and place another balloon shape
    • Keep applying glue and placing the shape until you have exhausted all the balloon shape
    • Apply glue unto each side of the balloon that touches each other and glues them together so it looks like the picture below
    • Cut 2 separate yarn and glue them to both sides of the ballon
    • Now cut the brown paper into a square and place it down to the edge of the yarn..follow this instruction and help your child make their desired hot air balloon .


Sunglasses craft


    • Thick colored paper
    • Pipe cleaner
    • Gems
    • Glue
    • glitters(optional)
    • Colored transparent sheet
    • Hole puncher


    • Cut the thick colored paper into eyeglass shape
    • Cut the transparent sheet into a circle in such a way it covers the eye part of the glass paper 
    • Let your child glue the sheet unto the eye area of the glass
    • At the other side of the sun, glass let him stick the gems or sprinkle some glitters, afterward let it dry
    • Put a hole onto each side of the sunglasses using the hole puncher 
    •  insert the pipe cleaner, twist it so it fits on the glass
    • Curve the dangling end so it fits your child’s ear ..don’t forget to take a lovely picture of your child with these amazing sunglasses to help treasure the memory


Below are some more pictures of awesome crafts you can engage your child in.,





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