summer safety tips

 Summer  Safety Tips 

Summer is here and the summer vacation is starting. It’s a great time for children to relax and enjoy lots of outdoor activities. I love summer vacations as I get to relax and I know children do too, as it’s a great time for them to enjoy endless outings, visit family and friends and make lots of exciting memories.Complying with summer safety tips is an  ideal of enjoying the summer.

As we know, during summer the weather is quite hot, the scorching sun tends to be harsh on the skin especially on the children thus it’s important to protect the children soft, sensitive, and gentle skin from the harsh sun hence, I will be providing you with some safety summer skincare tips that will help you protect your little blooms from the harsh sun.


Baths and body lotion

As you know children’s skin is delicate and are more vulnerable to skin problems during summer because of the harsh weather so you must help them maintain a normal healthy skin pH.

Use milder soap without harsh chemicals on children’s skin as this will  help to maintain normal skin pH. Also, ensure the soap contains natural ingredients like palm oil, olive, and coconut, and use a moisturiser with no colour and smell.


Apply powder

During summer children tend to have heat rashes as a result of the harsh weather so it’s best to apply talcum powder on the sensitive part of their body like the neck, armpit, back… it’s best to use the prickly heat body powder.


Apply sunscreen

Whether you are planning on going to the beach or just having the children play in the back garden it’s still important that you apply sunscreen on their skin 15 min before setting out and every 2 hrs even if it’s a water-resistant sunscreen product, this way you can relax without worrying about them having skin problems.


summer safety tips



 It best to cloth children in lightweight cotton clothes , as it helps to absorb excessive sweat, also the colors matter, ensure to choose dark hues of red, green, or blue as this do not absorb sunlight.



During summer children need to have sunglasses in their wardrobe, it makes them look great and most importantly helps protect their eyes and the sensitive areas that surround the eyes from the sun, it’s best for children to stay indoors at the peak of the sun which is the best protection.




 Hats or caps

When going out, ensure your children wear a broad-brimmed hat or cap to protect their scalp, face, ear, and neck from the scorching sun.



Open footwear

It’s also important that during summer you take care of your child’s feet by ensuring they wear light open footwear, to let their feet breathe properly and receive fresh air, as tight footwear will lead to bacteria formation, sweating foot, bad odour, itchy and irritation which am sure you don’t want.



Keep children hydrated

Ensure to carry your child’s water bottle everywhere, keep them hydrated by ensuring they drink water frequently, enough water intake will not only keep them hydrated, but it will also help keep their skin healthy thus preventing skin problems.



Engage more in indoor activities

Even though summer holidays are long and children will like to visit lots of fun places, we should try to keep them indoors from like 10 am to 4 pm when the sun is hot and engage them in lots of indoor fun activities to prevent them from being overly stressed, protect them from the sun, prevent their skin from looking dry, prevent skin burn, sunstroke, and excessive sweating. Check out my post on  indoor games and am sure this will help keep your children busy and help them have fun.


Summer diet

During summer it’s essential children eats lots of healthy fresh vegetables and foods that contain good antioxidants such as strawberries, raspberries, blueberries.., foods that are rich in vitamin c as these will prevent prickly rashes.



With these amazing summer tips, I hope you and your little blooms enjoy the summer and have lots of beautiful sunshine memories.







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