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Let’s talk about the National Day Celebration

The United Arab Emirate (UAE) national day is one of the biggest celebrations in the United Arab Emirate. The celebration ranges from the awe-inspiring fireworks display to spectacular cultural display and events, which usually take place in the evening of December 2nd and 3rd with a blend of the UAE flag colours, red, green, white and black fireworks display in the sky.

On this Special day, viewers are usually entertained with rich Emirati  culture, customs, and authentic traditions. Tourists are taken through a journey of time to learn  about the importance of the  Emirati arts and craft.

 The national day will feature a lively  folkloric performance  by a renowned Emirati band. Expect a dazzling drone show to light up the sky.

The Emirati uses this special day to look back and celebrate the role of the UAE founding fathers, the late Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan and their achievements  over the  years 

Before  we get carried away with the UAE national day highlight, let’s talk about some UAE national day ideas.


Since the UAE national day is a big celebration in the UAE, schools choose a day to celebrate this special day ranging from children dancing to some traditional UAE songs, to standing for the UAE national anthem, to singing and performing to entertain parents and carers.

Hence, I decided to share with you some unique UAE national day ideas for display in schools or nurseries for this special occasion, so if you are an Educator in the UAE, I am here to make the preparations a little bit easier with the below display ideas.

Since our environment is in danger and we are being motivated to go  green, We create, displays using recycled materials which  turned out amazing





Some of my colleagues and I made this flag using big and small empty water bottles


    • Empty Big water bottles -24 pieces (for each colour)
    • Empty small water bottles -21 piece (for each colour)
    • Big cardboard 
    • Spray paint (red, green, white, black )
    • Fairy light
    • Glue Gun


    • Cut all the bottles into half and make it into flower shape (cut into your desired size doesn’t have to be into ‘half’)
    • Spay the flower shape bottles with the spray paint (24 Big and 21 small bottles with red ) and do the same with other bottles with the different colors (45 green, 45 white, 45 black ) and allow them to dry
    • Cut the cardboard and make it flat, 
    • using a pencil divide the cardboard into four like the UAE flag 
    • Using paint, color each section with the UAE color using the flag format and allow it to dry.
    • Using the glue gun, attach all the red bottles to the red section with a sequence of one Big bottle and one small bottle until all the red part is covered, do the same with the other colors
    • Using a pen pouch a hole into all the bottles through the cardboard 
    • Insert the fairy light into all the holes through the cardboard 
    • Display it and plug in to see the beauty. You will be amazed at the glow of all the UAE colours. 





These art frame is a simple but unique UAE colour frame. I designed this piece which turned out to be a beautiful masterpiece.


    • Big blank frame 
    • White paper ( to fit into the frame)  
    • Paint (UAE colours) 
    • 4 Spray bottles 
    • Painting board stand


    • Place the white paper on the painting board stand 
    • Pour the different colors into each of the spray bottles ( red, green, white, black ) 
    • Pour a little water into each bottle to mix the paint 
    • Spray the paper in your desired order and create your desired color pattern and allow to dry
    • sparingly spray the spray paint of all colors around the art and let it air dry
    • When dry, place it in the frame and hang it in your desired area



Camel is a unique part of UAE’s heritage, the Emiratis can’t talk about their culture without mentioning camels, so this is another idea for a national day display 


    • Big Cardboard box
    • Pencils
    • Scissors 
    • Brown paint
    • Camel rope (optional)


    • Make the cardboard flat 
    • Using a pencil, draw a Camel on the box
    • Cut out the Camel Shape from the cardboard 
    • Paint the camel’s body brown and specially design the head by painting the tongue red and black, paint the ears red, the eye black and white and nose black 
    • allow to dry ,Put the rope around the Camel’s neck and display 

Note: To beautify the Camel, display grasses or trees around the area 




Having a UAE colour corner is another display idea 


    • Crepe paper (red, green, white, black)
    • Tape 
    • Scissors 


    • Using a Scissors, cut the crepe paper into the desired size
    • Tape the colours in order accordingly to the UAE flag colour
    • Continue the sequence until you fill all the corners with the colours



Falcons are the ultimate symbol of the pride and unity of the Emirati. They represent the strength and heritage of the nation, so displaying a falcon is another idea to celebrate the day





    • Cardboard box 
    • Pencils
    • Scissors 
    • Paint (gray, gold, silver, red, green, white, black)
    • Silver Glitter


    • Flatten the cardboard box
    • Draw a falcon on the box
    • Just like the above picture, make a circle in the stomach/ heart of the falcon bird 
    • paint the falcon in gray colour and leave out the circle section 
    • paint the circle section with the UAE colour (red, green, white and black ) in order of the uae flag colour
    • Design the head section just like the above section using black gold for the beak and eye
    •  paint the tail white and the toes black, and craftily colour the feather silver 
    • Allow to dry and display   

       NOTE ; use can create using any of the above display



During UAE national day, there is usually an unmissable spectacular aeroplane fireworks display which is grand and beautiful. So displaying this during a school celebration is another way to celebrate the day


    • Cardboard box
    • Paint ( black)
    • Silver glitter 
    • Crepe paper 


    • Cut the cardboard into an aeroplane shape (4-piece aeroplane or more as you desire ) 
    • Paint the aeroplane shapes black and coat them with silver glitter 
    • Allow dry.
    • Display on the wall and attach crepe paper two of each colour as you can see on the picture 


UAE MAP Display 

Displaying a UAE map vector will help illuminate the day and beautify the celebration. 


    • Cardboard box
    • Paint (Red, green, white, and black)
    • Pencils 
    • Glitters (red, green)


    • Draw out the map on the cardboard 
    • Cut it out as drawn
    • Colour each section according to the sequence on the UAE flag
    • Using the glitter, coat each part accordingly 
    • Allow to dry and hang




The inspiration for making this display comes from the book, ” UAE My Homeland“. All the credit goes out to my colleague ‘Jesly’ for making this beautiful piece of art


    • Uae my homeland book
    • White cardboard paper
    • Pencils and eraser
    • Paints (UAE flag colours)
    • Glitters (red and green) 


    • Place the storybook in your front for inspiration and Draw out the boy with the flag and the surrounding homes
    • Paint each section with the colours as seen in the photo or the book
    • Paint the boy wearing ‘kandura’ and ‘ghutra’ with white paint like in the photo 
    • Paint the flag with the uae colour 
    • Display as you please

A shout out to all my colleagues who made the celebration beautiful with all the unique uae displays

 I hope some of the ideas have inspired you. Even if you are not a UAE national, you can recreate these ideas to suit your country’s flags , colours and culture. Do have a fabulous  national celebration 


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