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stress ball


Hey guys, in my previous blog post i told you  to watch out  for my upcoming post on how to make a stress ball  and yep, am here  to show you different ways you can make a stress ball, but firstly, let’s take a look at stress, the causes and how to fight it .

  talk about stress

Stress is a chronic problem which everyone are bound to experience of which children are not excluded, children tends to undergo stress in many ways either through separation from parent probably during their drop off to school,through social pressure, children could also be stress during transition to another class,  over schedule could also cause anxiety for children especially  as a result of the covid-19, as children needs to learn online and  the technology needed for online learning is  kinda glitch or an assignment is  hard and they’re unable to simply raise their hand and ask a teacher in the moment or play and have fun with their peers.
Children’s stress may also be intensified by more than just what’s happening in their own lives. Many things we say as parents or adults around them could also cause them stress ,for example, do your children hear you talk about your troubles at work, see and hear you arguing with your spouse about financial matters? All of this could cause stress for them as they pick up your anxiety and start to worry about it,  so as a parent or adult  you should watch what you discuss with your child or what you say in their presence. 
Now that you know what could cause your children stress,let’s take a look at how to help them fight stress and relieve tension. The use of stress balls can be extremely beneficial for young children, whether they are part of a sensory bin or readily available in your calm corner, stress balls are always a good idea to relieve stress.
Stress balls have a calming effect. Simply manipulating a stress ball and applying pressure on it with one or two hands while paying attention to their breathing could help calm little minds and over excited little buddies. 

When should stress balls be use

In my opinion stress balls can be used any time of the day,or whenever you feel children need help to calm down. For example they may be use when ;
      • Children are angry and needs to calm down
      • When you feel a child is nervous and stress because of a particular situation
      • Before lunch to help decrease children energy level
So now I am sure you know what could cause a child to be stressed and how it could be relieved. So let’s dive into the making!!

How to make  stress balls

 Stress balls are  very simple to create and most likely, you already have all you need to make it. I will show you three( 3) different ways you can make a stress ball.

Stress ball with a flours


      • Balloons
      •  Flour
      • Ribbons (optional)
      • funnel


      • Blow a little bit of air into the balloon and insert the funnel
      • hold the balloon in place  around the end of the funnel and slowly pour some flour into the funnel
      • use your finger or a straw to push the flour down into the balloon
      • softly shake the funnel to loosen the flour
      • continue adding flour to the funnel until it is filled
      • remove the funnel and knot the balloon 
      • decorate it with a bow using the ribbon  

Stress ball with cornstarch


      • Cornstarch
      • water
      • Latex balloon
      • A funnel
      • ribbons
 you can get the  rainbow latex balloon on ( )


      • Insert the balloon into the funnel to give it a wider spout
      • Hold the balloon in place  around the end of the funnel 
      • Slowly pour a bit of water to give the balloon a little weight
      • Add some cornstarch and massage to mix the ingredient together
      • Continue adding water and cornstarch through the funnel until the balloon is full
      • Once the balloon is full remove the funnel and  knot the balloon 
      • Decorate it with a bow using the ribbon to beautify it.
 The below video might also help in making stress ball with corn starch using latex balloon





How to make stress balls with orbeez


      • Orbeez 
      • Water
      • Large bowl 
      • Funnel 
      • Empty plastic bottle
      • Clear balloon 
You can get any of this supplies on (


Steps to making orbeez stress ball

      • Pours a lot of orbeez not less than 50 pieces into a large bowl
      • Fill the bowl with water and let it sit overnight,in the morning you should be welcomed with a pile of bright,squishy water balls
      • Drain the water and use a funnel to fill the empty plastic bottle with the orbeez
      • Blow up the balloon to create space for the orbeez, then twist the opening to prevent the air from escaping
      • Stretch the balloon opening over the top of the plastic bottle
      • Let the balloon untwist,then turn the bottle  upside down to pour the orbeez into the balloon
      • Remove the balloon from the bottle, squeeze out the extra air, tie  and cut off excess rubber


  That’s it!  Let your child  have fun squeezing the squishy  stress ball and enjoy stress free days 







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