Yoga exercise ; magic for children development

In my previous blog post  i talked about  the important of exercise to children development and so in this blog post we going to be talking about yoga exercise and their benefits, am so excited about this am especially going to be introducing to you a yoga exercise by Alissa pekas as I find her episode of this exercise exciting and am sure your children will find it more fun. Ok then c’mon lets get your children excited through yoga exercise yeee!!!!



Exposing children to yoga at an early age can help them learn a healthy lifestyle and set the foundation for a fit future. Yoga isn’t just good for the body; it helps the memory too. Regular Practising of  yoga is important for children as well as it is for adults. Yoga helps to relax, relieve stress and anxiety, sleep better, improve emotional regulation, increase empathy, and improve mood. Practising yoga with children teaches them to be more mindful which is a great way to teach children mindfulness.

Benefit of yoga

    • Yoga Improves Memory and Cognitive Functioning

Yoga practice helps to create focus within thus improving memory and cognitive development, yoga practice requires concentration of both mind and body, we have to pay attention to the movement of our bodies and how our breathing coordinate with the  movements

When children practices yoga they are practicing their ability to focus on the task at hand, thus helps them better focus in their day to day activities 


    • Yoga Improves Social Relationships

Although yoga is regarded as an individual activity ,there is also a social component to it. i.e when children are enrol for yoga class, they go to the class and meet with other children who are also there to  take part in the yoga community thus the entire yoga practice is a social one .For children yoga classes  typically includes songs, games and other fun activities ,children get to move together and learn from one another particularly with the yoga poses this create a positive and  an engaging environment in which children can have fun, play ,talk and learn from one another.

Yoga also help to  increase children self esteem, self confidence and also builds empathy .


    •  Yoga Improves Sleep

Yoga is a magic to help improve sleep ,getting the body moving before bedtime is a great way to help children easily fall asleep. As adult when we are stress or overwhelmed our bodies are tense and our mind are full, reducing our ability to sleep well this is also applicable to children .

Though we might think children isn’t stress like adult ,but they are still one way or the other stressed either from peers or school, engaging children in yoga helps them calm their mind and nervous system. Physical practice of yoga also helps children relieve tension and release negative emotions in the body thus enabling them to fall asleep faster and longer. 


    • Yoga Improves Strength and Breath Control

Practising yoga takes strength both mentally and physically ,regular practice increase both physical and cognitive development ,its also increase flexibility and improve upper and lower body strength. Building mental and physical strength from a young age helps reduce chances of obesity, depression as well as increase self confidence and improve overall well being of children.





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